A radio station transmitting from inside a museum of photography. It brings a new dimension to ‘audiovisual’. Beats and pixels. Demos and expos. Rewinds and flashlights. Camera and musica obscura. Soul, jazz, electronics, indie, rap, folk, wave, uplifting or downtempo, talkie or non-stop, soundfile or seven inch, vocal or instrumental. Magnified by the USA Import soundsystem. Beamed into the great wide open. WAV is not just radio. We host label specials, tastings and theme shows, give air to dedicated producers, invest in podcasts that make a difference, invite artists from every field. All this in front of a virtual and a live audience, since our studio is part of PIXEL, the café of FOMU. You can find the museum of photography in the animated Antwerp South area. In our physical store doubling as webshop we present a fine selection of records, books, magazines and merchandising. Our team consists of people with experience in music and media, design and fashion. We Are Various (and so are you).