On air from 20h till 21h15

A special edition of Texture Radio with a focus on Aubrey, one of UK’s most underestimated producers back in the late ’90’s. He produced on labels such as Solid Grooves, Textures, Mosaic, Offshoot & many more.

  1. Aubrey: Anhoa (Textures)
  2. Aubrey: Textures 001 (white label)
  3. Andy Wood: Love Jam
  4. Mark Ambrose: Hook Up
  5. Aubrey: Textures 004 (white label)
  6. Aubrey: Breaking Out
  7. Skymaster: Free Your Mind (Offshoot)
  8. Prism: Key (Aubrey’s Solid Groove rmx)
  9. Aubrey: Mosaic 004
  10. Aubrey: Falling Up (Offshoot)
  11. Aubrey: Evacuation (Offshoot)
  12. Mark Ambrose (Crayon – white label)
  13. Aubrey: Cyloid (Solid Groove)
  14. Aubrey: Marathon
  15. Aubrey: Abstractions ep (Ferox)
  16. Aubrey: Phill’s Tune (Ferox)